The Alcoholism and Addition Cure

An Approach to Total Recovery...

One Man’s Approach to Total Recovery…

Taz Report/Book Review

“The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure” book contains the incredible three-step program to total recovery that is the basis of the miraculous success of the Passages Addiction Cure Center in Malibu, California, the world’s most successful substance abuse treatment center.

Does It Work?

While traditional treatments have a relapse rate as high as 80% or 90%, the world-famous Passages have a cure rate of 84.4%.

The Key

 Your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are key factors in your recovery and how you can stimulate your body’s self-healing potential to be forever free of dependency.

End relapse…

 End your craving…

 End your suffering…

Bottom line: It’s NO Miracle…

There isn't a magic pill. Don't let your wishful thinking get the better of you. Just as there is no miracle pill for weight loss, there is no miracle cure for addiction…

However…The story that the son of Passages founder, Pax, wrote about his addiction and recovery was great.

It Rang Brutally True…

My name is Taz,

I was into the book and ready to see how they could translate their $50,000/month Malibu treatment plan to the masses.

The Answer…NO…

Don’t expect too much help with your addiction from reading this book.

While there were some worthwhile, warmed over insights this book is essentially a lengthy promotion for their in-patient recovery program costing tens of thousands of dollars.


There is nothing in the book that helps you get unhooked from your addiction without their clinic and/or a myriad of experts trained in their methodology.

If you visit their web site they have quite an array of goods for sale to "assist" in your recovery.

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What I like about Passages:

A father and son team, along with a team of skilled therapists, who specialize in offering effective treatment to completely cure your addiction.

Their treatment program is not like any other in the world for many reasons.

It’s not 12-step based, they don’t want to place you in groups all day that preach the disease concept of addiction, and place degrading labels on you like addict or alcoholic.

You’re better than that, along with being free from addiction. Period!

If you have the big bucks...

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